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• Number of adults and children.

The following shows you a summary of your booking, and the confirmation of the excursion departure time and then the payment page.

Children are aged between 5 and 12 years of age.

Do babies pay?

Until infants reach 5 years they considered as babies. They do not pay, but you need to indicate in comments when make the reservation.

Once the excursion is confirmed you will be taken to the payment page for our bank in which you should insert your credit card details.

Your booking / invoice will be sent by email and should be printed and presented on the day of the excursion as proof of booking. Your booking-invoice will carry a Locator reference which relates to your booking.

Our website is very easy to use, simple steps to follow and instructions so that you do not have any difficulty making your booking. Once you have paid, you will see that our website will confirm that your booking has been made and you will see your reservation number. Once you have completed this final step, you should check your email where you will find your booking-invoice with the Locator for your booking.

It is an invoice issued by our website where you will find the details of the booking, the Locator, date of departure, time, excursion etc. Don’t forget to print the booking-invoice as you will need to present it in the Port.

Yes, you can. You can cancel directly on “My booking page” 72 hours before the date of the excursion you have booked. In this case you will be reimbursed with 85%, the remaining 15% will be withheld as it represents our administration charge. If you cancel less than 72 hours before the booking date, there will be no refund.

Cancellation policy for INDIVIDUALS:

All bookings cancelled more than 72 hours before the excursion will not incur cancellation charges. In such cases we only deduct our administration fee of 15%, and the remaining 85% will automatically be refunded.

All reservations include an administration fee in the price which is equal to 15% of the total. The administration fee is not refundable in this case.

Bookings cancelled by clients less than 72 hours before the excursion date will be charged at 100%, i.e. there will be no refund.

If an excursion is cancelled for technical reasons, in cases of force majeure or because we have not reached the minimum number of passengers, Mallorcacatamarans will refund the full cost to clients (100%). There will be no administration charge in such cases.


Cancellation policy for PRIVATE GROUPS:

  • In case of cancellation due to weather circumstances, decision taken by the Captain of the catamaran, the amounts paid will be returned and no cancellation costs will be charged.
    • If the cancellation is made unilaterally by the client, the cancellation costs will depend on how early it is communicated:

A) Bookings cancelled more than 90 days previously to the excursion will not incur cancellation charges. We will only deduct our administration fee of 15% of the deposit payment and we will refund the remaining 85%.
B) In case of cancellation notified within 90 days previously to the excursion, the cancellation costs will be 25% of the first payment, or 12,5% of the total amount.
C) In case of cancellation notified within 60 days previously to the excursion, the cancellation costs will be 50% of the first payment, or 25% of the total amount.
D) In case of cancellation notified within 30 days previously to the excursion, the cancellation costs will be 100% of the first payment, or 50% of the total amount.
E) In case of cancellation notified within 15 days previously to the excursion, the cancellation costs will be 100% of the total amount.


You must have your booking-invoice with you on the day of the excursion. If you do not have a printer we suggest that you make a note of the reference number.

If you do not receive your booking number or Locator reference it usually means that the reservation has either not been completed or has not been accepted. In exceptional circumstances where payment has been made, but you have not received your booking-invoice, you should contact us through our web page and we will send you an e-mail with the copy of the electronic ticket.
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In the unlikely event that an excursion is cancelled, we will advise you as soon as we know. In this case no administration fee is charged, i.e. there will be a 100% refund.

We will refund the total cost direct to your credit card account. However, please bear in mind that sometimes such refunds can take up to a month to reach your account.


How can I pay?

Once an excursion has been confirmed you will be transferred to our bank’s payment page where you need to complete your credit card details.

Is our website secure?

Yes, it is. For security, when you make your booking, the details are transferred via the standard 128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer). You need to use a browser that is compatible with SSL (the latest version).

If you have problems when making payment there could be various reasons, these are the most common:

• Some information may be incomplete or incorrect, for example the security code or expiry date. Please reconfirm the details entered on the payment page and try again.

• Your account is over the limit.

• Perhaps your credit card type is not accepted for payment by our web page. We accept Mastercard, Visa credit and debit cards.

• The name of the card holder is not the same as that registered by the company issuing the card.

• Sometimes banks block payments because they are not recognized by their system. Before contacting us, please check with your bank if that is the case and ask them to unblock the payment request and confirm the transaction.

We are an online seller and the vast majority of our bookings are online.

We have created the page “Contact us” so that you can ask all the questions you want by e-mail. We will reply as soon as possible, although we have tried to answer all the most obvious questions on this page (FAQ). Before contacting us by e-mail we encourage you to look to see if your particular question appears on this page.